Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Classic Anabaptist View of Salvation

By William Higgins

From Protestants – Salvation is a gift of God’s grace, based on what Jesus has done, that must be received by faith

Salvation is not based on deeds we do, religious or otherwise. Anabaptists learned this from Luther/Zwingli.

but Anabaptists go beyond Protestantism - They do not believe that salvation is by faith alone

They emphasized that the grace of salvation, if it is real will produce acts of righteousness. Only the one who does the will of the Father in heaven will ultimately be saved - Matthew 7:21.

As to the benefit of salvation they agree with the Protestants – Salvation has to do with forgiveness of sins

But also go beyond Protestantism - The one who believes is born of the Spirit

Anabaptists used this Spirit language often, and not the legal language Protestants emphasized.

We are not simply forgiven sinners, who continue in sin

We are also transformed by the Spirit so that we can obey God.

o For Luther God’s grace is best emphasized when we see God as accepting us despite our continued sin. This keeps us from thinking we can earn our salvation.

o For Anabaptists God’s grace is best emphasized when we see God’s grace powerfully transforming us. All the good we do is a testimony to God’s powerful work in us.

Summary: The salvation experience is an empowerment for discipleship, which is the necessary result of true salvation

These are three key ideas – framework for discipleship

Now seven discipleship practices, again - not necessarily all, put key practices - briefly

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