Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Couple Thoughts On Pacifism

War is always, has always been oppression. Even if one group has the right to fight another for self defense, the owner of the land on which the battle is held is the true victim. Every war has innocents killed, which is a crime against all humanity.

On the surface, it seems that those who refuse to kill are at the mercy of those who are willing to kill. But if it truly becomes the norm to not kill for any reason, then it becomes easy to weed the killers out and exile them. But as long as killers are trained in a society for “good purposes”, then murder will continue to be rampant.

Being Loved By The Text


To be Anabaptist is to be textual. It is allowing the text of the gospels to form one, to change one permanently.

It is seeing Jesus in the text, and fleshing that Jesus out in the life we have around us.
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